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Ahmad Ahmad became IFBB PRO in 2008 soon
after winning the Los Angeles Championship.

 Ahmad lives and works in Malmö, a city by the coast in southern Sweden,
where the summer tempts you to spend the day on the beach and the winter
challenges you with persistent cold and dark nights.

A cycle that in many respects reflects the past experiences of Ahmad's

At 14, he was thrown out of his local gym for being "too small", a
humiliating experience that only spurred him on and provided him with the
motivation to find his own way. After realising that the pushups and living
room chins were no longer a challenge he found his way to the famous old
school gym of Malmö entitled "the Cave". A place on the opposite side of the
city and which required walking underground down long corridors to access
a gym where the weights resembled archeological and ancient tools familiar
to several generations of the city's bodybuilders. A place where the was no
aircondition, mobile reception or comfort and few words were spoken but all
were treated as equals and with respect.

In sun or snow, Ahmad would continue to return to the Cave, to learn the
secrets of bodybuilding. Where most gave up, Ahmad persisted, and from all
this hard work a vision grew to one day become one of the greatest. Lacking
the mass and from focusing on quality, few had the faith in him in his early
days, but the more the more he was told that he stood no chances competing,
the more he was convinced that he would prove them wrong.

A crucial milestone was in 1999 when Ahmad decided to participate in the
"December cup", a regional amateur bodybuilding competition, to see if he
stood any chances. With hardly any knowledge of how to prepare for a contest
he showed up as a newcomer but was quickly recognised for his
impressive biceps and stricking back pose.

Since then Ahmad appetite and dedication only grew stronger resulting in his
success in the National, Nordic and European Championships.

As a friend of Ahmad for 10 years, I can tell you that he is unique not for
his impressive physique but for who he is and how he has achieved his pro
card. Ahmad pursues everything in life with humbleness and dedication. He
creates a vision and works hard, day-after-day, year-after-year, to move
a step closer to achieve his goals. He will be the first one to teach you
that there are no short-cuts in bodybuilding or in life in general. He has
achieved his success in bodybuilding not from a secret formula but from
years of learning and working hard. He is a man who before making a promise,
will think long and hard before committing himself but once he has spoken
will never let you down. In spite of all his success and fame, you will
never hear him boast or speak badly about others, and you will still find
him in his shop speaking to kids about bodybuilding and life, or give advice
and a helping hand to the newcomer in the gym who is on his journey towards
his first competition. Looking from the past and into the future, Ahmad
will continue to achieve the success the he truly deserves.


a friend

© Ahmad Ahmad 2009. All Rights Reserved.




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